Images from Ladakh that teach important life lessons

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said that “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Similarly, when one is travelling it is the journey that matters more than the destination. This is true because once the destination is reached there is not much to look forward to. However, during the journey there is the destination to look forward to which leads to many experiences, heartburns, carbreaks, etc that teach you a lot about life.

A traveller will know how to live alone on a road and yet not feel lonely. He is therefore a person who is fine with everything and nothing. Don’t know if it is good for you or no. For me, it definitely is positive.Pangong panorama

Panorama of Pangong Lake

Below is my interpretation of the images I clicked on my recent trip to Ladakh that have a striking resemblance to life lessons and philosophies when seen from my geeky spectacles!

Living life on the edge at Manali-Leh route
Living life on the edge at Manali-Leh route
Risky water crossing

Lesson: The rocky roads teach you that no matter what difficulties you are going through in life you have to keep moving to reach your destination. This is a result of abundant faith that the journey will be worthwhile and the destination spectacular. With this shift in attitude the rocks become stepping stones to your success story. So hold on and persevere to rejoice ultimately.

Mammoth mountains that look dangerous and equally marvelous due to their expanse and scale
Mammoth mountains that look dangerous and equally marvelous due to their expanse and scale

Lesson: Dream big and work passionately towards achieving them. It will look difficult to achieve and even impossible at times but keep moving because if your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough.

Victory will be yours as you conquer the mountains and accomplish your aim.

Temple in the middle of nowhere
Temple in the middle of nowhere
Temple somewhere on the road to Leh

Lesson: Faith keeps you going when on a difficult journey. The rocky roads, the high mountains, the lack of basic facilities and acclimatization issues did not deter the locals of Ladakh and they did eventually build these quaint little temples in the middle of nowhere.

Similarly, in life keep your faith and belief strong and persistent. Never give up!

Picture perfect home
Picture perfect home

Lesson: Life can be perfect and fulfilling if you define your own happiness against things that are a societal parameter of joy in life. The world will be a much better place if everyone concentrates on their journey towards things that make them happy rather than follow what everyone else is doing and be unhappy.

Flowers blooming in rock cracks
Flowers blooming in rock cracks

Lesson: It takes hardships to polish oneself towards the path of success.

Blooming flowers at Nubra Valley

Lesson: There is beauty, goodness and happiness all around us, we just need to see it by ignoring the lesser important things in life. There are as many happy moments in life as we choose to celebrate.

A young lama running in full speed at Diskit Monastery, Ladakh

Lesson: When opportunity knocks on your door be ready to welcome it with both your hands and grab it before it vanishes. Hurry up!

An aeriel view of the crossroads from the Diskit Gompa Monastery

Lesson: In life, situations will often bring you to crossroads in life wherein you will be required to choose one option by rejecting the other one; not a happy choice always. Make sure you choose the path that is validated by your heart because that eventually will be right in the larger picture of life.

Buddha statue at Diskit Gompa Monastery
Over-powering image of Buddha at the Diskit Gompa Monastery
Buddhist font written on a rock

Lesson: Faith can move mountains and what better if you have both, faith and mountain, so close to each other!

The colourful being of the Diskit Gompa monastery eyeing the clear blue expanse of the sky

Lesson: Life can get boring many a times with the same schedule to be followed. Do color your life by pursuing hobbies and doing things that you are really passionate about. Keep the spark alive and Live, not just Survive!

Enroute Nubra Valley
Enroute Nubra Valley

Lesson: Just like these rivulets and mini waterfalls, go with the flow yet pave your own niche path

View at Keylong
View at Keylong

Lesson: Get inspired by nature and quietly escape from the mundane life to a faraway place often to talk with your best friend, your soul.

Sheep grazing in Ladakh

Lesson: Camouflage your personality to do, think, live and breathe as others do in the anticipation of being accepted in the society and clearly stand out by taking the road less travelled and satiating your heart and mind. The choice is yours.

Construction workers toiling and sweating it out on the Keylong-Leh ghats to construct proper roads for visitors
Construction workers amused by so many cars and bikes around their solitary existence
Superman of the mountains

Lesson: There are things in life which seem very difficult and undoable, until someone actually goes out there and does it. As they say, the first step is usually the hardest and the rest is a cakewalk.  Maybe they didn’t have an option in life, but you definitely do and therefore choose wisely.

The army jawans soaking in the sun in the Baralacha area
The army jawans soaking in the sun in the Baralacha area

Lesson: During your journey towards the top you will realise that only a handful of people are accompanying you and are genuinely happy for your accomplishments. They will most definitely be your parents so Respect and Support Them NOW because they will not be with you forever.

Horses grazing behind barbed wires
Horses grazing behind barbed wires

Lesson: Even the most creative minds are useless if their thoughts and ideas remain behind barbed wires, i.e. unexpressed. Remove your blinkers and look at the big picture. It is important to think and do big rather than just talk big.

Respect your body
Respect your body

Lesson: In the journey called life, you will want to go to faraway places by moving out of your comfort zones only to realise that one small fall can dampen your spirits. Thus respect your body and feed it with positivity, exercise and good food. Regularly.

The curvaceous roads of Ladakh
The curvaceous roads of Ladakh
No gain without pain
Rocky roads

Lesson: The tougher the road, the greater the high on reaching the top. Focus on your journey even if it is difficult and full of struggles and be rest assured that the view on top will be breath-taking.

Buddhist prayer flags fluttering amidst the background of a masjid in Leh market
Buddhist prayer flags fluttering amidst the background of a masjid in Leh market

Lesson: Make humanity your religion. Let idol worship be the way to pray for your elders as that thought is difficult to eliminate from their systems. Let humanity guide you to respect people around you, help the needy and be a good human being in general.

Faith can co-exist peacefully as this image shows us and therefore there is no doubt in my mind that human beings too can live harmoniously rather than be divided under the guise of being known as a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi or Sikh.

The clear skies enroute Pangong AND Glimpse of Pangong Tso from a distance.
The clear skies enroute Pangong
Gazing into oblivion

Lesson: We all love our vacations to be in the hills, on the beaches or at happening parties.

Nature is pristinely beautiful and therefore we enjoy its company as it takes us away from the drudgery of humdrum life only to calm, relax and rejuvenate us.

Therefore, enjoy natures blues, browns and greens before it vanishes and ensure that you live the eco-friendly way and do not damage the equilibrium of nature by littering, spitting or disturbing fellow travellers. After all, there are many more generations that still need to be spell-bound by nature’s bounty. Leave a good impression on them!

Image: Me enjoying the calm waters gushing quietly at Pangong Tso and absorbing each moment delightfully

Moi at Pangong Tso

Lesson: When you can listen to the sound of silence around you, you are definitely at the right place. So travel more, travel often.

“Travel as much as you can. As soon as you can” – Travelling Is

  • By Megha Jamb

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