Five small things that make a big difference while you are on the path of travelling

Travelling is so many things to so many people. For some, it is a luxury retreat, for some a getaway from the mundane routine of life and still for some it is an escape to the unknown. Whatever be the reason, we cannot travel without a bag or two depending on the location, number of days and our budget.

Here, I present to you my guide on what small things to pack while on a trip that will make a big difference while you are on the road.

Colored safety pins
Colored safety pins

Safety pins

  • The cute safety pins are available in varied shapes and sizes these days. Be rest assured to find a color of your choice.
  • Make an accessory out of it. Use it to loop different colored pins into each other, long enough to fit you as a bracelet/ neckpiece. This might give you a hippie look but what the heck!
  • Use the safety pins to tie a torn t-shirt and/ jeans which will make it look stylish. Don’t dress to impress but to express.
  • It can easily pass on as a hair accessory when girls use it instead of a hair pin. Smartly pin up a flower in it to look a diva while on the road.
  • Use a safety pin to hold loose sheets of paper together in case you do not have a stapler. This way your travel-related papers can be held together.
rubber band
Colorful rubber bands

Rubber bands:

Yes, rubber bands, those tiny little colourful and stretchable things which hold your things together. These small things are handy and do not take much space in your suitcase or backpack or even the small little toiletries kit. It definitely can prove to be helpful for the things that you might not have imagined. Apart from tying your hair try the below tricks to put this small wonder to use:

  • Grip-giver – Tie a bunch of these rubber bands at the end of your trekking stick or any other item to increase its grip.
  • Hold your canvas shoes with multiple rubber bands to give you that much required grip in case of an emergency when a shoe tears from the front.
  • Pack a half-eaten pack of chips or any other snack to keep it fresh

What’s more, it can be kept innovatively to avoid losing it by tying it on your toothpaste towards the end, on your water bottle or use it to put it on your socks. These simple tricks will ensure you don’t lose them as they are anyways too small.

crepe bandage
Crepe Bandage

Crepe bandage: Yes, this is an important part of your first aid kit which is used in case of a muscle pull. But you can be creative and use it as a pillow if it is big enough or to keep your hand/ leg warm in case of travelling to a hill station.

swiss knife

A multi-purpose tool: We definitely need the bunch of multiple knives that can save our lives while travelling. This versatile tool can be put to multiple uses like a wire snapper, a basic knife, tweezer, corkscrew, can opener, etc. If you can think it, you can do it with the swiss knife.

The multi-tool VX Tinker by Wildcraft is a decent multipurpose tool for your travels requirements.

Wish. Dream. Do.

Attitude – The single most important accessory that will not fit into your bag but take you a long way on all your travel journeys. Keep the right attitude with fellow travellers and locals to experience all benefits of a true blue traveller. You will meet people from different regions, cast, personalities and economic backgrounds while on the road but have an attitude of gratitude towards all because it is they who are enriching your experience. This will definitely help you go a long way and make the journey worthwhile.

“Travel as far as you can. Travel as soon as you can.” – Travelling Is


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