Travel Observations

My travels have exposed me to uncomfortable situations and lifetime experiences. Today, I share a few learning and observations from my journeys:

Travel is more about the people and less about the destination: Imagine spending a day at one of your most favourite destinations with someone who is totally opposite to you. I bet you do not want such a situation to arise. Therefore, ensure you keep a flexible mind and meet new people to enrich your life.


Listen to your heart and all things will fall into place: As you read about my travel journey in my last blog, it is important to be passionate about something and most importantly believe that your heart is right, even if you know that you are alone in this journey with no support around you. Trust that magic called faith and soon you will have everyone around you supporting you. This implies that you do not leave any room for self-doubt.

anthony bourdain

You don’t spend to travel but you invest in memories of a lifetime: Imagine this. You are 60 years and sitting at the window sill of your retirement home with a rivulet flowing by and cool breeze brushing past your cheek. I bet you will remember the trips with your friends undertaken in the youth to some lesser-known hillock rather than the shopping that you did for your 25th birthday. Memories are invaluable, invest in making them worthwhile.

I wanna make memories all over the world

Money cannot replace experiences and encounters: Money comes and money goes. This is life. Do not succumb to the money pressures and get attached to it so much that the only thing you have left in life is money. You shall most definitely be the poorest person on earth then.

see the world n dont own it

Nothing can replace experience: Travelling is the easiest way to experience new things. It may be expensive at times but then it is all worth it. You have to experience failure to taste success and value it. Similarly, you have to move out of your comfort zone at times to travel, to savour the sweet smell of a journey and bask in the glory of experiencing it first-hand. It is definitely more valuable to fail and succeed than to not try at all.



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