Typical traits of a traveller


We have often heard people saying that TRAVEL changes you.

Who are these people and what their typical traits are.

Here is a list of things which according to me are probably the traits any traveller in the world would have. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • A traveller ensures that she travels hands free with all baggage in the backpack and/or the multipurpose travel pouch tied around the waist
  • A traveller knows the value of travel-light. They know that it is more difficult to lug your luggage around than to repeat an attire or two.
  • A traveller is a flexible soul
  • A traveller is a good listener of the local talks of a city
  • A traveller is a story-teller as she has travelled to many lands, far and near
  • A traveller by default loves music of various genres to sustain her through the long journeys
  • A traveller knows that buying a comfortable pair of appropriate shoes is not an expenditure but an investment
  • A typical traveller is open minded to ideas, people and new things
  • Travellers are curious wanderers, always looking out for newer experiences
  • A traveller will respect the meal cooked in a local homestay rather than crave for a five star buffet fare
  • A traveller will take a dip in the sea without worrying about those love handles rather than laze around in the hotel swimming pool
  • A traveller is always sensitive towards fellow travellers
  • A traveller is unaffected by the money that her friend is minting
  • A traveller is happy with smaller moments rather than larger achievements
  • A traveller doesn’t have too many clothes but has too many friends
  • A traveller feels rather than thinks
  • A traveller approaches strangers with ease and is approachable herself
  • A traveller gets used to trusting everyone yet no one when she is on the road
  • A traveller doesn’t shy away from taking risks on unknown paths
  • A traveller appreciates cycle trips around the city rather than in closed door cabs
  • A traveller spreads kindness with her talks, gestures and smiles

DSC06579*Cover page image by and featuring Harshil Mehta, avid traveller and food blogger at Being Bhookhad


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