Travel to Hampi

Quintessestially Hampi
Quintessestially Hampi

This has been a long pending one! Finally, pen to paper and here is my blog post on my trip to Hampi in December, 2014.

The motive of this trip was to overcome the grief of missing a trip to Hampi early during the year.

Much anticipated, I packed my bags with Krishna Ganatra, a great friend and fellow travel blogger at

A little lost on the first day we set foot on the ‘City of Ruins,’ we were lost, literally. We had no clue what to do and were rethinking our decision to visit this touristy destination filled with a hippie vibe. Soon things fell into place and we were enjoying the journey amidst foreign travellers, Indian photographers and locals.


How I felt at Hampi:

  • For the first time ever, I felt like a foreigner in my own country. The stares we got from the locals owning to the fair skin were not funny anymore. I wonder how foreigners deal with so much attention, many a times unwanted.
  • As mentioned earlier as well, I was lost at times and did not know what to do on my four-day trip. I realised this was a blessing in disguise as not doing anything is what we all should do at times to refresh and reboot our mind, body and soul
  • By the second day, all my energy was drained by seeing so many tourist attractions in one go. So glad that we went on our own pace, taking pit stops amid nowhere many a times. There is beauty in not knowing what lies ahead at times because we stop expecting and start enjoying
  • After being conned by two god men, I realised that tourists are cheated in the name of faith by being forced to pay alms in a cunning way!
  • The climb on Matanga hills just to catch a glimpse of the rising sun made all the difference of a good and a great trip. As they say, nature is what we all desire and truly I was at peace with myself at this sunrise point and the sunset point at Hemkunda hills


20141225_171254 20141226_142524


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