Interview of Sarang Kenjale, biking enthusiast

Biking Attitude
Biking Attitude

Presenting Sarang Kenjale, 32, who has gone on 52+ bike trips so far across the country and Nepal. He aspires to ride for many more kilometers and dreams to drive from India to Thailand on his beloved Royal Enfield Classic 500cc. Way to vroommm.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I pursued my studies in Pune and went on to do a course in civil engineering. I now work on site for construction projects and also involve myself in interior design assignments.

Musafir Hoon yaroon
Musafir Hoon Yaaron

What drives you OR what are you truly passionate about?

To challenge and push my limits drives me. I am always looking forward to come up with new ideas and typically go against the traditional flow and biking helps me achieve to break free from the daily routine and push my limits as well. It’s my passion to ride through difficult terrains, uncharted places and cherish those moments. I am passionate to motivate people to take up journeys which they can also achieve and feel the freedom which biking offers but with safety n proper skills which come by riding.

The road is my best friend!
The road is my best friend!

When did you realise that biking is your passion and you want to ride all your life?

I realized biking is for life post my 12th standard when I got my first bike and took off to Leh-Ladakh on an unplanned trip. 

Mandatory selfie at a fort in Jaipur
Mandatory selfie at a fort in Jaipur

Tell us one good and one bad thing about riding?

Good thing about riding is that you get exposed to various difficulties and you learn to overcome them. This directly helps your outlook towards life. You meet various interesting people and make unbreakable bonds, mentors who you adore and look up to. The bad thing about biking is that it is a costly affair as on your trips you have to pay for food, accommodation and fuel. You have to wait until you are free from your project work to just leave for a road trip. Your passion doesn’t let you sleep at night and you are awake planning and dreaming about your next trip. This is very addictive. Balancing life along with biking becomes difficult sometimes as your biking interest tends to overpower your normal personal and professional life. Therefore you have to earn to be able to pursue your passion.

Solo trip

Initially it started with treks to more than 30 forts around Pune which gradually gave rise to the need to cross states on my bike. I once went with a friend to Leh in Ladakh which eventually gave me the courage to break the limits and travel the whole India.

Interesting road trips

I love riding to the North-East. I have thoroughly enjoyed going on road trips to Ladakh and Spiti Valley. My Border to Border project is something I am proud of.

B2B project
B2B project

Tell us more about the B-2-B project of yours?

Inspired by the ‘Solo K-2-K’ project wherein a person travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, I devised B-2-B which literally means Border-to-Border wherein I travelled across the length and breadth of the country and some countries outside India on my bike. I started my journey from Pune and took this route: Pune-Bhuj-jaisalmer-Amritsar-Jammu-Srinagar-Uttarakhand-Nepal-Darjeeling-Sikkim-Guwahati-Bhutan-Arunachal Pradesh-Manipur-Mizoram-Kolkatta-Kanyakumari-Kerala-Karnataka-Goa-Pune. It took me 42 days to take this journey of 18000+ kms. I think it could have been done in much lesser days if I had avoided a few places like Tirupati balaji temple, Bhubaneshwar, Madurai and Goa for partying. It was a fantastic feeling to touch the sea, the Indian border and even cross it to visit Bhutan and Nepal.

B-2-B was a challenge to maintain physical and mental endurance along with the mean machine. A ride of average 500+ kms per day takes a toll on you and the bike coupled with unimaginable circumstances like breakdown, punctures, broken rims and faulty engines. Such is the beauty of memories that sometimes you are in the middle of nowhere with no human presence in sight but you still remember this struggle and how you overcame it.

What is your message for female travellers and bikers?

Foremost is to ride safely. India is a safe place and by pre-planned the route and booking hotels at the destination they should be good to go. Begin the ride from an easy to difficult level in a nearby place to your home and then aim big.


Family support is very important. My family also consists of two dogs, Paris and Kallis, whom I love dearly and I need someone to look after them as well. I am glad my parents let me lose on this one. At times parent don’t allow their kids to ride far off and at such times you guys should explain to your parents that you will ride safely with proper gears and following all road rules. Set few examples which will give them confidence and half the battle is won.

What is next on the cards?

A cross border bike trip.

What will your message be for our readers

Constantly upgrade your skills under a technically experienced person and then no dream that is too far and everything will be just a kick away. Your safety should be the priority as there are loved once waiting at home. Apart from this stop thinking too much and just do it.

At one of his many trips to Ladakh. Seen here with a friend at Pangong Tso
At one of his many trips to Ladakh. Seen here kicking some ass with a friend at Pangong Tso

Why do you travel?

I travel to break free from my troubles that hold me back on this Earth. I want to fly and travel gives me the wings. I just want to touch every part of Earth on my bike.

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9 thoughts on “Interview of Sarang Kenjale, biking enthusiast

  1. sarang as a well known personality….

    very cooperative travelled a lot with him…

    learned how to ride and taught necessary techniques….

    love him a lot for his passion towards riding want to travel again and again

    because of his guidance my leh laddak trip was possible

    planning for the next Nepal Bhutan ride

    all the very best wishes for his passion


  2. We BRCians always proud on our all Riders.. and SRK is simply awesome.. We learnt lots off Technics , off-roading , on-roading biking from HIM.. Cheers for BRC .. Hail BRC…..


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