13 reasons why you should travel

We asked a simple question to travel enthusiasts and travel bloggers; Why do you travel?

Take a look at the answers we got.

Get travspired!

Mahesh Murthy
Mahesh Murthy, digital maverick and owner of Pinstorm

To discover the unfamiliar outside me, and inside me.


Ansoo Gupta, eminent travel speaker at events and conducts talks on different aspects on travel across the country

I travel to ‘Learn’

Savi & Vid
Savi & Vidhit Munjal, bloggers at bruissedpassports.com focusing on travel and fashion

We travel to connect to – people, cultures, and experiences.


Riaan George
Riaan George, travel enthusiast

Alone time. While I do enjoy vacations with family and friends, I LOVE my annual alone trip. Travelling alone really is a very liberating experience for me. It gives me time to just do my own thing, away from my own city, free from any planned itineraries etc. It really is the best part of my year.


Pulkit bungee jumped in new Zealand
Pulkit Shrivastava, a foodie, freelance travel writer, photographer and a communication consultant. In his own words, for him life is what he does in between two holidays
For those who want to see how Mr. Shrivastava looks 🙂

Traveling is ‘inspiration’


Nickolai Kinny reminds us of Highway's Alia Bhatt in this avatar
Nickolai Kinny, travel enthusiast and blogger at nickolaikinny.com

I travel because I want live, learn and explore everything beyond my comfort zone


Magali Caira Vaz
Magali Caira Vaz, lifestyle blogger at magalic.com and a travel enthusiast

I travel mainly to see new places & try new cuisines. Meeting some wonderful new people & developing a sense of new people & developing a sense of awe for everything this country & world has to offer are just added perks. Besides travelling always makes me appreciate Mumbai more.


Namrata Kumar; food, fashion & culture blogger at desiworldlings.com and a travel enthusiast

I travel to feel a new range of emotions that I usually forget in the monotony of my routine. Be it looking at a breath-taking view with awe or feeling the warmth by talking to a complete stranger about something you both love. Travel makes me learn more about me.


Sarang Kenjale
Sarang Kenjale, bike enthusiast and co-founder of Pune-based biking club BRCPune

I travel to break free from my troubles that hold me back on this Earth. I want to fly and travel gives me the wings. I just want to touch every part of Earth on my bike.

(Read his interview on our previous post)


Diipti Jhangiani, Co-founder at Let’sbeOutdoorsy and a travel enthusiast

After 10 years of travelling for work and leisure, I now know that I enjoy travelling for sport – making that my reason for work and leisure.


Pavan Meshram, a 20-something freelance TV Writer-Producer & travel blogger at desiboard.com

Vacations or weekend breaks are not an integral part of Indian families. So as I grew up, outings for me would mean going to my cousins or relatives place. Being deprived of travelling, the first thing I wanted to do when I started earning was to set out and explore. Add to it, I am at this age of life when everyone desires for something. 20s is the time when some want to get themselves sorted, some want to fall in love, some want to get laid, some want to get drunk, some want to get married & raise kids, some want to be the Wolf of Wall Street and some just want to go out, explore, dream and discover. I am one of those who wants to get out-get going. I strongly believe that its only when you get lost that you can find your own self.


Chaitanya Shah: Founder at Lunchex.co and blogger at travelingcuriously.com

I’ve grown up travelling to different parts of India. My parents are avid travelers themselves and this is bug that I’ve inherited from them. It is an important part of who I am. I cannot function normally if I don’t end up travelling for a long duration. I want to explore new cultures, traditions and now food. That’s my main motivation to travel. I believe we aren’t born to stay in one spot. There’s so many things to learn and explore. I want to travel as much as possible to live other peoples life, even if it is for a brief time.


Megha Shrimali, social media executive and travel blogger at alittleofeverything.com She also contributes to The Brown Scooter, an online magazine

My reason to travel is to explore the unexplored and feed my wanderlust. There’s joy in learning about different cultures, meeting new people, writing about the experiences and handful of memories. One happiness which stays with you forever is, Traveling.



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