6 habits for the health-conscious traveller


Living out of suitcases is a way of life for many. For celebrities who are always pressed for time owing to their busy schedules or travelers who are constantly dreaming of their next travel destination after returning from one trip. Such people spend most of their life travelling for work as well as leisure. In such a scenario, the eating habits most of the times go for a toss and sleep gets compromised.

Here are a few hacks that you can follow to enjoy life on the road while ensuring that health remains at its best.

Front image_drinking-water

Drink lots of water: Keep yourself hydrated. This is a golden rule that everyone should follow and drink lots of water to keep your muscles energized, aid digestion and soothes the mind.

If you do not trust the water of that place go for coconut water. Rich in minerals and an instant energy booster, it consists five essential electrolytes of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium that the human body requires.

Easy-to-carry Zip Lock pouch
Easy-to-carry Zip Lock pouch

Carry dry snack items: Your roasted chick-peas, puffed rice, biscuits (non-cream ones) will be your best friends when hungry without any restaurants to go to. You can also pack some popcorn, cornflakes, muesli and dry fruits.

Roadside food but with caution: You might be in the best of places with your best friends who want to experiment with the local foods available or the most obnoxiously named dish on the menu. Do not risk your health if outside food does not suit your system. You can depend on clear soups, stir fry vegetables and packaged snacking items to sustain yourself.

Green Tea
Green Tea

Green tea: You may love the ‘tapri ki chai’ when on a road trip but a healthy alternative can be the green tea. Carry green tea bags with you and request for warm water wherever you go. Easy, isn’t it?

Seeds: Roasted seeds like quinoa, flax seeds, almonds, quinoa are easy to carry in zip-lock pouches and equally good for your health.

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