7 must-do things when in Goa

Think of Goa and the pristine waters on the beach and the endless coconut trees along the roadside come to mind. A lazy afternoon with a beer in hand signifies Goa for the tourists. Just like these views, there are some things that are an absolute must to be done when in Goa. Here is my list of such things:

Stare into infinity at the virgin beaches in Goa

Visit the virgin beaches: This goes without saying! When in Goa definitely go to the beaches to feel the sand, let the air in your hair and just live in the moment. Instead of the always-crowded beaches, go to the unexplored beaches such as Palolem, Bogmalo, Arossim, Patnem, etc.

A typical Goan verandah where friends and folks chill
A typical verandah of a Goan home where friends and folks chill

Live the Susegad life: Susegad literally means relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life and the Goans prove it to the fullest by balancing their professional and personal life. Who else takes lunch breaks from 1-4? When in Goa, it is best to do nothing, enjoy the scenery, the food and the company.

Baywatch resorts, Colva, Goa


Pamper yourself silly: Staying in a resort will do the trick here. Laze around, sip on King’s, swim, get a spa done or step out directly on your private beach to live like a king in the land of beaches. Take a look at the resorts on offer.

Common road scenes in Goa in the rains. Green and awesome to drive on.
Common road scenes in Goa in the rains. Green and awesome to drive on.

Enjoy the rains: Goa is a destination which one can visit in any month as there is something for everyone all the time. However not many people consider visiting the party capital in the rains which in fact they should. The greenery dotting the whole of Goa makes it even more beautiful. If you visit in June, you can attend the Sao-Jao festival, wherein men jump in wells to fetch feni bottles, a local alcohol. What an innovative festival, I say!

Get beautiful ceramic items from this shop in Fontainhas, Panjim
Get beautiful ceramic items from this shop in Fontainhas, Panjim. The name plate is a perfect azulejo

Buy Azulejos: You might have often spotted white tiles with hand painted designs and names written on them hung outside Goan homes as name plates. Known as Azulejos, these are Portugues styled hand painted ceramic tiles. Mostly the Goans use blue colors to paint these tiles but you can choose from an array of beautifully painted tiles and ceramic artefacts. If you love to take back souvenirs for friends and folks back home then ditch the usual cashews and pick up these ceramic artefacts for them which are available in various shapes.

Black sheep Bistro in Panjim market
Black sheep Bistro in Panjim market

Visit cafes: The cafés in Goa add vibrant and tranquillity to its relaxed culture. Revel in the scrumptious and fresh breads and cakes of the Goan cafes. Some highly recommended café-cum-bakeries are Infantaria and German Bakery in Calangute, Café Central in Panjim, Canape in Miramar, etc.

Friends, football and fun
Friends, football and fun.


Enjoy a football match – Goans are fans of football in contrast to a country that worships cricket. The Goa Football Association was established as the official administrative body of football in the state of Goa in 1959 and this is proof enough of how ingrained is football in their lives.


2 thoughts on “7 must-do things when in Goa

  1. Wow!! Just when I was about to make a trip to Goa next month, I stumbled upon your post. I know, July is not the best season to visit Goa, but your post makes me feel like, I’m going to have a great monsoon there 🙂


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