The Train Stories – He is drunk!

Indeed an experience while our journey had just started! 😀

The route less travelled

It had been more than 12 hours from the time we commenced our train journey for Jalandhar from Mumbai. Megha and I occupied the side berths, while there was a couple sitting in the compartment adjacent to us.

Ratlam had passed an hour and half back; we already had had our dinner, and I was now waiting for the night to gradually make me fall asleep. Megha was charging her phone, sitting in the front of the couple chatting with the lady. I could hardly hear their conversations but could figure out that Megha was asking her about their travel plans.

While the conversation was on, a tall and lean guy came and suddenly sat next to me. I looked at him; though his eyes seemed intensely red, I preferred to overlook it. He started fidgeting and hence caught my attention again. He was now looking at the fellow passengers…

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