11 reasons why Dilwale is a paisa vasool movie!

After the dilemma of which movie to put my money on for the Christmas long weekend, I finally decided to go for Dilwale, half-heartedly. It was partly because mom wanted to see the sizzling chemistry between the eternal Kajol-SRK Jodi and partly because I wanted to see any movie. Off to the movie. Popcorn, samosa, tea, burp. The journey begins.

I loved the two and a half hours in the theatre and thought this Rohit Shetty movie to be a complete paisa vasool journey because:

Kajol: Her expressive eyes make love to you in a tender way!

kajol make up

The dress & make-up: So subtle, sharp and sexy. Kajol’s make-up artist and fashion designer have done a splendid job of showcasing a different side of this chirpy actress. The skirts gave her a different look all together and I loved this avatar of the honey-eyed Bollywood actress


The shoes: Yes, this deserves a special mention because the shoes are so damn gorgeous. They made me want to buy them!



The spark and magic of SRK-Kajol: A definite winner, this one. They have never kissed on-screen and yet have maintained to sizzle every inch of their performance in all their movies. As they say, old is indeed gold. Kajol’s smile coupled with the bubbly-behavior and SRK’s beard-look along with the typical SRK-pose never seems monotonous. Can I blame them for creating a rose-tinted picture and blurring our reality? Well, I guess no as they transport us to a different world, even if for a limited period of time. Bring it on!

Varun Dhawan’s comedy: Varun’s humor and acting at some places added the required moments of laughter to this vengeance-filled love saga. Main aapki maang mein sindoor bharna chahta hoon? Really?!


Let bygones be bygones: The climax in Dilwale makes us realize that it is important to leave the past where it is and live the present for a better future. Paisa Vasool lesson!

rohit shetty n cast

Locations: Who can miss this! The famous song Geruha features some exotic locations with the sultry Kajol and blazing hot SRK. This song definitely satiates the traveller in me and motivates the curiosity to travel further.


All-in-one package: It is a trademark Rohit Shetty film with cars, stunts, polished locations and too many characters that weave in beautifully (most of the times) to make it a hit amongst the Dilwales of SRK-Kajol

cast dilwale

Cars: Yes, I may not know the name and specifications of the cars which Red Chillies Entertainment has put their money on but I definitely know that they are eye-candy. I never imagined to see Kajol driving a pink-colored Beetle!

dilwale cars

Method to madness – Many characters, many flashbacks and lot of drama; the movie brings a certain method to the madness for the viewer to get his money’s worth.


DDLJ moment: Well, if you have seen the movie then you know what I am talking about. Right, Senorita?


So watch Dilwale for your own reason: the leading pair, the locations, the cars or Rohit Shetty.

(Images source: Internet & http://on.fb.me/1NQAIe0)


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