Tamasha Zindagi Ka…

Tamasha means to act. Kids are often scolded as they create a tamasha/ act to get their favorite chocolate. The child grows up and creates a tamasha to get into a good college, however expensive be it. Thus tamasha is an essential part of life for everyone. We all act to get things done, to benefit ourselves and keep our egos satisfied.

Then there are people like Imitiaz Ali who directs a movie titled ‘Tamasha’ and we start questioning anything and everything around us. We question the ever-prevalent systems; education, work and society at large. Do we all have a Ved inside us waiting to be explored and exposed by the Tara of our lives or vice versa?

Koi plan nahi hai. Yahi plan hai!

Life is indeed an act that we all are characters of. We are governed by people and situations around us until a point where we realize what we really want from this one life of ours. Until that point, we are puppets in the hands of everyone around us. Until this bubble is broken and our true selves are revealed, we continue to put a mask on our face and behave the way people want us to behave. It is until this point that we don’t even realize that we have been programmed by society and are functioning to please everyone around us, except ourselves.

Aisa kyu? Who kya hota hai?

Don and Mona Darling

Didn’t we all get a little uncomfortable when Tara  rejects Ved because of his identity crisis. Are we all not wondering what just happened? We are on the edge of our seats because our comfort zones and thinking patterns are affected. How can she reject him for being himself, a mediocre working class project manager? Later we undergo the turmoil of Ved of finding himself, experience a rush of emotions and get exposed to the layers of the Delhi boy whose life transforms after a conversation with a rickshaw driver. He is still confused because Tara has shaken up his core, his weakness and his biggest strength of being a storyteller.

What do I do now? I can’t be restricted in this office set-up. I can’t be listening to someone else’s instructions to run my life. What do I do now?

All of us go through an identity crisis in life and are left wondering who we really are? What are we doing in our lives? Are we really doing the things that our heart wants us to do? Are we even attempting the things that make us happy or are we busy pleasing other people?

If the answer is a resounding no than it is time to quit. To quit your so-called situation that is affecting the realization of your dreams. To quit the mediocre life for a better self. To quit the greed for money for a happy life.

Shaayad kisine khoob kaha hai ki, ‘’Zindagi ek tamasha hai, jee lo apni tarike se warna toh bahut hai tumhe apne ishaaron par nachaane waale.”


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