Ek kavita Yatra ke liye…

A yatra is a journey that one takes. It can be a journey to a destination or towards your own inner self. Yuva Prerna Yatra was one such journey for me which took me to experience external pristine destinations and dicover my inner self earlier this year. What is interesting about it is the format of the whole yatra, a mix of activities that develop your interpersonal and personal skills in a fun way.

We had 7 days which were neatly segregated to cover all possible aspects encompassing “Empowerment through Enterprise” by visiting rural enterprenuers, schools, eco parks, etc.

However, the 7 days flew in a jiffy and the day to depart came by leaving me with my thoughts! (More on the yatra to be soon uploaded on the blog)

The moment took me to a contemplative level and I penned the below lines, dedicated to the Yuva Prerna Yatra.

Kuch waqt ke liye zindagi badli thi, raftaar badli thi aur fizaayein badli thi;

Aaj phir woh badlaav aaya hai jab zindagi ne karvat badli hai;

Woh waqt hai jo zeheen mein bass chuka hai aur yeh waqt hai jo zeheen se nikaale bhi nahi nikalta;

Chalo phir kisi yatra pe chalien, yaadein banaayein aur khushiyaan manaayein.




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