Travel Inspiration

While I am on the road, inspiration visits me often. It accompanies me while I am travelling in that rickety old state transport bus or whispers in my ears while I am feeling the air brushing past me. Often it entices me in the most unexpected situations.

Below are some words that I have written down on my journeys amidst the mountains and skies.


Magical beings

Human beings are magical, just like the galaxies, forests and nature in general. The human body is flexible and infinite to adjust to any situation or circumstance. Aren’t we magical beings then?

Mr. G. K. Swamy at Purukal Youth Development Society School in Dehradun. They left Mumbai for a more peaceful life.

Circle of life

People come to cities to earn a living, leaving behind their loved ones.

People from cities go back to villages to restore humanity, to escape the meanness of city folks and maybe in search of emotions.

Thus, do we balance out the situation or deteriorate it?


Faith is transcendental

We worship stones, babas or any other energy that gives us power, strength and answers that we seek. However, what joins them all is the faith that one has in these mediums. I believe faith is that invisible thread which binds all of us and the color of it changes according to our belief systems.

_The End_


3 thoughts on “Travel Inspiration

  1. Justin Alexander is missing while traveling between Mantalai Lake and Kheerganga in India. He was last seen 2 hours south of Mantalai Lake on his way back to his guest house. This was Sept. 3rd. He never arrived. We have been contacting anyone trekking in the region for the past 4 weeks who posted on Instagram who allowed us to post our message. We’ve filed police and embassy reports. Please see the links below. We need help, please, in getting the word out and advice on whatever else we can be doing online or on the ground. Please help us get the word out. Thank you.

    updates posted here
    see Lekshmi Gopinathan Nair’s post at
    Justin’s facebook


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