Morocco or Montpellier?

Amidst the chaos in life, travel or at least thoughts of travel give me a respite. Off lately, after my last trip to Uttarakhand, my feet are aching to put on rugged shoes and wander with my gypsy soul for company to a lesser known destination. So when I sat down with my thoughts and bank balance details, it restricted me to travel for at least the next 6 months.  Refusing to dampen my mood, I began to list down places where I wished to go after 6 months with sufficient funds in my account.

Vertical close up of a traditional lampshades shop in the souks of Marrakech.. Image shot 2014. Exact date unknown.

The first name that came to my mind was Morocco. The sight of colourful souks (markets) and the aroma of the ittar (scented perfumes) and the traditional lanterns make it a captivating sight for me. The Arabian and European cultural confluence is what makes it an interesting journey to take after the 6 month hiatus. Seems like the vibe of Morocco has successfully captivated me from afar!


One of my friend recently visited the Roman theatre in Amman, Jordan. With the stories of the magnificence of the 6000-seater historical monument she shared, it ought to be witnessed and experienced. There are two small museums beneath the auditorium displaying the way of living in the past as well as the traditional clothing and jewelry on display. Not much of a history-lover, the way she shared her stories passionately I am sure Amman is one place I would want to tick off on my travel list. Moreover, I am sure the concerts by local musicians at the auditorium will feed my culture-loving soul.

(Check out Air Arabia which operates regular flights to both these destinations regularly from various metro cities in India)

Of the many travelsy things I do, I regularly turn the globe and randomly place my finger on a destination that I say I will visit in this lifetime. Montpellier is one such place that I had never heard of and the finger pointed towards it. After researching a bit I fell in love with this exciting city in the South of France which boasts of charming streets dotted with cafes, art museums, theatres, historical cathedrals and much more. Ideal way I would like to explore it will be on foot with a map in hand or take the artistic trams. A dream like set-up that I want to turn to reality!


Being artistically inclined, The Burning Man Festival really attracts me. I got to know about this festival only a couple of years ago and since then have been in love with it. I feel liberated just by knowing that like-minded individuals have gone out and expressed their thoughts by way of art in such unique ways. One of the most awesome feelings would be to participate in it at the temporary community erected at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. I better save big for this one :p

Until next time!

(Image Courtesy: Internet)


10 thoughts on “Morocco or Montpellier?

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    I figured this might be of interest to you given the opputunity to share and promote your passion to a larger audience.

    I would love to get your feedback even if you are not interested in this now. Do you have 20 mins this week? It looks like am open on Tuesday 1pm or 2pm IST if either may work.

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  2. We would love to go to Burning Man one day, but can definitely say Morocco is amazing. We’ve both been there several times and will go back again – especially the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara, which are some of the most beautiful places we’ve been!


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