Bas yunhi

Today, I am in a different mood! So no travel post but some life philosophy 🙂

Why are starts made of? Do they really twinkle?

What about the uber-cool modern relationships; are they just for social media updates or do they really have depth?

Am I attached to someone emotionally or is it that I am just used to their presence in my life?

These flurry of different thoughts led me to the below lines:

With complexities increasing in relationships, I wonder what price will one have to pay to enjoy simplicity.


More people, less meaningful relationships,

More money, less satisfaction,

More options, less clarity.


Is love a need, an emotion or a fad?


Do you think you are capable of loving everyone equally? Who are you fooling?


Why do I expect things from people that sometimes even I dont offer?


Express through paintings but don’t expect people to decipher exactly what you wanted to convey


These are thoughts that are independent of each other and yet dependent! Read it your way.


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